Arab and Muslim Women's Research and Resource Institute (AMWRRI)

        In immigrant Muslim families, persons with disabilities are often stigmatized, considered a source of shame, a financial burden, or even a curse upon family. Stigmatization affects women more: even when they themselves are not disabled, women are considered the primary caregivers of family members with disabilities, a role that can limit women’s access to education, healthcare, and employment, and leave them ostracized from the community.

        This purpose of this digital archive is to provide a safe space for different stakeholders to interact, and a data source for researchers and health professionals. The site will eventually consist of three parts: 1) a community-generated, project team-led collection of testimonies; 2) a discussion board connecting disabled women or families who have a disabled member to each other and to available resources; and 3) a space for blogs, modeling a multi-disciplinary reflection on cultural constructions of disability, immigration, and Islam. Information gathering and exchange, liaising, and reflection will be also organized offline.

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