Historic Pictures

Lebaness Syrain American Club 1960s on High Land Ave.   The Midwest Federation of the American Syrian Lebanese Clubs   Syrians hold Folk Festival  

Mater family gathering, 1956

  Syrian men playing music in 1950s
Syrian Community performing Debka, 1950 Arab Folk Dance   Syrian Community   Najeeb-James Arrieh playing arabic music at community social event   Milwaukee Syrian Women   Syrian Community
Syrian Community   Syrian Community   Milwaukee Syrian Women   Najeeb Arrieh and his wife Helen Herro   Syrian Community
Milwaukee's Syrian Women in Cultural Folk Dress in the first half of 1950s   Milwaukee Syrian Women   Herro Women in early twentieth century   Mater family home on 16th street, with St George's church in the background on State St in Milwaukee  

Mary Mater and her great granddaughter, Rabeka Korich-Skonieczny


Margaret Hale (Mater) and George and Mavis Mater late 70's


Margaret (Mater) and Turner Hale 1964


Charles Anthony family's Christmas picture, unknown year


Margaret Mater and Turner Hale's wedding, 1950, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, Broadway St in Milwaukee


Emily Mater and Larry Schneider's 1949 wedding


Margaret Mater at work with her boss, Mr Casey at Marquette University 1945


Margaret Mater and her staff at Marquette 1945


Mary Mater outside her house on 16th st, 1965.