Arab and Muslim Women’s Research and Resource Institute

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: We need your help to empower our Muslim families, health providers, and researchers to understand the stigmatizing effects of differences of abilities and to promote positive change. We are seeking community volunteers to participate in any or all of the following ways…

Our Dear Community Members:

There are many issues of concern that the Muslim community has yet to address, and the stigma of differences of ability is one of the pressing ones. AMWRRI has created a national survey to understand the experiences and needs of Muslims who have differences of abilities or who are caregivers for individuals with differences of abilities. Our goal is to promote positive change. We need your help in letting people know about the survey, which is now open to Muslims nationwide, and to encourage them to complete it. For our survey, we define differences of ability as any chronic health condition (including physical, intellectual, mental, emotional, or addiction condition) that affects an individual’s ability to do everyday activities related to mobility, communication, work, etc. If you or someone you know has a difference of ability or has a family member with a difference of ability, please complete the survey. 

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"Thank you for considering this opportunity to improve people’s lives and the communities in which we live."
Enaya Othman
President, AMWRRI