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Undergraduate Research Team Training Workshop

September 28, 2018

The workshop trained a new team of Marquette students as researchers and interviewers for the project: “Gendered Disabilities and Milwaukee Muslim Immigrants: Empowering Muslim Women, Health Providers, and Researchers to Understand Stigmatizing Effects of Disabilities and Promote Positive Change”. Dr. Enaya Othman presented on the objectives of the research project, the process of interviewing and transcribing and the importance of our research project. Ellen Garrity presented on the articles undergrads read prior to the workshop, how to work with children who have a disability and how to work the recording equipment. Dr. Jeana Abromeit discussed the importance of consent forms and ethical research, additionally she facilitated a mock interview practice. Overall student employees became more familiar with the purpose and timeline of the research project and strengthened their interview skills.

ISM Event

An Arab Henna Night United Milwaukee Communities

Arab and Muslim women display the finest cultural dress they possess when attending special celebrations such as henna nights, weddings, and other group and community gatherings. The significance of attending these celebrations wearing cultural dress surpasses its esthetic meaning and reflects more on the deep connections that women establish with such an attire.  In order to display the social and cultural significance of the Henna day as a major celebration of womens cultural clothing, AMWRRI
Organized a Henna Night at Marquette University in cooperation with the Office of International Education. The event was also partly sponsored by a grant from Wisconsin Humanities Council, WHC.

Dawa Center

Pabst Mansion

On February 13, 2013 AMWRRI held a public event at the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee.   Dr. Enaya Othman, founder and president of AMWRRI, explained the organization’s mission and also introduced the event, “Cultural Dress and Identity Narratives among Arab and Muslim Women Immigrants in Greater Milwaukee.”  She gave a brief lecture on the importance of the oral history project.  Because this year’s oral history project is funded in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Humanities Council, we were delighted that Diane Reinhard, the Chair of the Wisconsin Humanities Council , was present and extended a warm welcome to all who attended.  Dr. Jeana Abromeit, an AMWRRI board member, expressed her appreciation for the support we’ve received from the WHC, welcomed the event’s participants (which was a robust 65-70 people), and explained how to become involved with AMWRRI.  A highlight of the evening was the presentations by the following oral researchers who conducted in-depth interviews with first- and second-generation immigrants: Alexis Sammarco, Rawan Atari, Samantha Pryor, Affnan Musatief.

ISM Women Event

AMWRI Volunteer Training Session

AMWRII began the academic year of 2012-2013 with an Oral History Training Session on September 1. This session was designed to inform new volunteers and students’ research fellows about the goals of AMWRII and to provide some training for conducting oral interviews with Arab and Muslim Americans in the Milwaukee area.

Marquette Student History Project

A wonderful group of Marquette Muslim students present to the community important information they gathered about the history and the experiences of the Arab and Muslim communities in Milwaukee since immigration.

AMWRRI Fundraising

The first fundraising event for AMWRRI was held at the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee (April 10, 2010). The event was a smashing success! The audience enjoyed Arabic food and listened to Dr. Enaya Othman ‘s brief history of the Arab and Muslim communities in Milwaukee from the late nineteenth century to today. Dr. Othman highlighted the contributions of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee (ISM), the center for social, educational and religious activities engaging a wide range of Muslims from all different backgrounds.

St. George Event

The Arab and Muslim Women’s Research and Resource Institute and the Department of Foreign Languages at Marquette University held an important informative event that took place at St. George Syrian Melkite Church, located at 1617 W. State Street on Sunday November 14th from 12:30-2:30. A group of Dr. Enaya Othman’s outstanding Marquette students talked about their work documenting the contribution of the Arab community in Milwaukee through oral interviews.