AMWRRI Fundraising

The first fundraising event for AMWRRI was held at the Pabst Mansion in Milwaukee (April 10, 2010). The event was a smashing success! The audience enjoyed Arabic food and listened to Dr. Enaya Othman ‘s brief history of the Arab and Muslim communities in Milwaukee from the late nineteenth century to today. Dr. Othman highlighted the contributions of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee.

(ISM), the center for social, educational and religious activities engaging a wide range of Muslims from all different backgrounds. Dr. Othman also stressed the importance of documenting the history and the experiences of Arab and Muslim communities in the Greater Milwaukee region and the vital roles these communities have played in the historical, cultural, economic and urban development of the city. Board members, including as Dr. Jodi Melamed, shared the story of AMWRRI’s founding, beginning with a group of woman who rallied around Dr. Othman’s proposal to start the organization. In particular, she stressed the contributions of Alla Kadada, the Secretary of the organization, who was one of the first board members to join and support Dr. Othman’s initiative.