The 2018 midterm elections included a lot of contributions from the Arab and Muslim community. There was high involvement especially from Arab women which led to a significant change for Muslim representation in government. It was an election of many firsts including Rashida Talib who is the first Palestinian to join Congress along with Ilhan Omar from Minnesota who is the first Somali to be elected in the house. They both join the list as the first Muslim women to be elected into Congress. Donna Shalala, representing Florida, is also the first Iranian women to join Congress. Not only did the Arab and Muslim community break records for those elected into office, but the number of candidates running for election this year from the community was high. Overall, there were more than 60 candidates running for a position in local, state and federal elections.

Arab involvement in the government allows for greater representation of the community in the American sphere. Arab and Muslim Americans continue to become threaded to the fabric of this nation, so it is rightfully deserving for them to now be represented to emphasize the needs of their community.